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As a leading manufacturer of Contract furniture, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and have taken steps to reduce our impact throughout the business.

Manufacturing entirely in the UK, we immediately offer considerable environmental advantages when compared to suppliers who solely import.  The vast majority of our materials are made in the UK, ensuring that your furniture has travelled minimal distance.  UK manufacture also provides considerable benefits in terms of quality.

Our standard guarantee is 5 years, with a typical life cycle of 15-20 years (depending on the product).  Producing items of quality, backed by guarantee, presents considerable benefits in terms of environmental sustainability.

We are ISO accredited and a member of BESA, which helps to ensure we remain up to date with industry standards and developments.

ISO 14001.

We are certified to ISO 14001, which helps to ensure that our management systems are optimised.  The standard has achieved improved efficiencies throughout our supply chain, manufacturing and transport.  These efficiencies greatly reduce our environmental impact, particularly with regards to waste management and fuel consumption (transport).

Renewable Energy.

Since 2017, approximately 25% of the factories electricity provision (manufacturing & offices), has been via a 112kw Solar installation on the factory roof.  We aim to extend this installation when permits allow.

Our standards:

FSC - Forests, For All, Forever
Manufactured in Great Britain
British Educational Suppliers Association
BS EN Standard
ISO Quality Assurance
We recycle all of our own waste