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PAS 2060:2014 Carbon Neutral.

In 2022 we were formally certified as a CARBON NEUTRAL company to the recognised standard PAS 2060:2014
As one of the leading manufacturers of school and educational furniture in the UK, we recognise our responsibilities to help protect the planet for future generation. We believe we are the first and only manufacturer in our sector to achieve carbon neutral status. We are totally committed to continually improving all environment procedures, we have reduced wast and reduced our CO2 emissions by over 200 tonnes per yer. Achieving carbon neutral status isn’t however the end of this journey merely the start. We will continue to improve and invest with the future aim of achieving net zero carbon.

Renewable Energy.

As of 2022 factory roof now has 220kw of Solar power which will produce over 34% of our energy requirement, the system produces 170,000kw hours of low carbon clean power – this is enough to power 48 homes for one year.
Between 2017-2022, approximately 25% of the factories electricity provision (manufacturing & offices), was via a 112,000kw Solar installation on the factory roof.

Carbon Offset Projects.

We have assessed our carbon footprint and are taking the next steps to reduce and offset our emissions to become net zero. Carbon Offsetting plays the role of balancing out the emissions that have already been caused, by financially supporting projects around the world. These are the projects that we have invested in:

  • Methane Gas Capture – Bulgaria
  • Reducing Deforestation – Cambodia
  • Renewable Energy – India

ISO 14001.

We are certified to ISO 14001, which helps to ensure that our management systems are optimised.  The standard has achieved improved efficiencies throughout our supply chain, manufacturing and transport.  These efficiencies greatly reduce our environmental impact, particularly with regards to waste management and fuel consumption (transport).

Our standards:

FSC - Forests, For All, Forever
Manufactured in Great Britain
British Educational Suppliers Association
BS EN Standard
ISO Quality Assurance
We recycle all of our own waste