Advanced Premium Cylinder Leg Tables

Our Heavy Duty Advanced Premium Cylinder Leg Tables are both robust and attractive.  Specify  32 or 50mm diameter fully-welded sturdy frames.

Laminated table tops in 18mm or 25mm MDF with a choice of lacquered or 2mm PVC edge.

Shape Code Width Depth Diameter
Square CHUNKY7-(32/40/50) 600mm 600mm
Trapezoidal CHUNKY2-(32/40/50) 1100mm 550mm
Trapezoidal CHUNKY9-(32/40/50) 1200mm 600mm
Rectangular CHUNKY3-(32/40/50) 1100mm 550mm
Rectangular CHUNKY6-(32/40/50) 1200mm 600mm
Rectangular CHUNKY11-(32/40/50) 1800mm 600mm
Rectangular CHUNKY14-(32/40/50) 1200mm 750mm
Rectangular CHUNKY15-(32/40/50) 1500mm 600mm
Rectangular CHUNKY16-(32/40/50) 1600mm 600mm
Circular CHUNKY1-(32/40/50) 1000mm
Circular CHUNKY5-(32/40/50) 1200mm
Circular CHUNKY10-(32/40/50) 1100mm
Circular CHUNKY12-(32/40/50) 900mm
Semi-Circular CHUNKY4-(32/40/50) 1100mm 550mm
Semi-Circular CHUNKY8-(32/40/50) 1200mm 600mm
Semi-Circular CHUNKY13-(32/40/50) 1600mm 600mm
Table Heights
Code Height Age EN1729 Size
A 460mm 2-3 yrs 1
B 530mm 3-5 yrs 2
C 590mm 5-7 yrs 3
D 640mm 7-9 yrs 4
E 710mm 9-13 yrs 5
F 760mm 13+ yrs 6
Laminate Table Top Colours

Maple Table Laminate


Oak Table Laminate


Beech Laminate Stool Top


red laminate

Red laminate

Blue Laminate

Blue laminate

Green Laminate

Green laminate

Yellow Plastic Chair

Yellow laminate

Light Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Light Grey

Dark Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Dark Grey

Frame colours

Black Frame Plastic Chair


Textured Black Frame

Textured Black

Light Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Light Grey

Dark Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Textured Dark Grey

Textured Silver Frame

Textured Silver

Smooth Silver Frame Plastic Chair

Smooth Silver