Advanced Height Adjustable Tables

Advanced Height Adjustable Tables are easily adjusted to a range of heights, making them particularly useful for wheelchair users.

The system is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Effective in office environments and educational workplaces, the tables can be adjusted by a crank handle from the side of the frame or the top of the frame.

Our Crank system adjusts the table height from 550mm (min) to 850mm (max).

Advanced 18mm or 25mm MDF Laminated tops may be finished in clear lacquer, 2mm PVC or PU edging.  Table frame is in Silver only.

HATC1 with 607 Ply Chair

HATC1 with 607 Ply Chair


HATC with handle in top


HATC with handle in side

HATC1 with Wheelchair access

HATC1 with Wheelchair access

Height Adjustable Table Crank

Height Adjustable Table Crank

Height Adjustable Table Measurements

5 Adjustable Heights

Code Width Depth
HATC2 700mm 600mm
HATC86 800mm 600mm
HATC106 1000mm 600mm
HATC1 1200mm 600mm
HATC146 1400mm 600mm
HATC166 1600mm 600mm
HATC88 800mm 800mm
HATC108 1000mm 800mm
HATC128 1200mm 800mm
HATC148 1400mm 800mm
HATC168 1600mm 800mm
Table Heights
Code Height Age EN1729 Size
B 530mm 3-5 yrs 2
C 590mm 5-7 yrs 3
D 640mm 7-9 yrs 4
E 710mm 9-13 yrs 5
F 760mm 13+ yrs 6
Laminate Table Top Colours

Maple Table Laminate


Oak Table Laminate


Beech Laminate Stool Top


red laminate

Red laminate

Blue Laminate

Blue laminate

Green Laminate

Green laminate

Yellow Plastic Chair

Yellow laminate

Light Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Light Grey

Dark Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Dark Grey