Advanced office Workstations The Advanced range of Office Workstations provides a solid budget option which will fit all your basic office requirements.

Each unit is set at 730mm height and consists of 25mm MFC tops, 18mm MFC modesty panels, two worktop mounted cable ports, welded steel cantilever legs (Silver RAL 9006 in colour) and levelling feet.

Available in Maple, Beech or Oak finish.

Wave Workstation

Wave workstation

Rectangular workstation

Rectangular workstation

Crescent Workstation

Crescent workstation – Right hand unit shown

Code Height Width Depth Depth C Depth D
ADV1612CRESR 730mm 1600mm 1200mm 800mm 600mm
ADV1612CRESL 730mm 1600mm 1200mm 800mm 600mm
ADV1812CRESR 730mm 1800mm 1200mm 800mm 600mm
ADV1812CRESL 730mm 1800mm 1200mm 800mm 600mm
ADV8080CL 730mm 800mm 800mm
ADV1080CL 730mm 1000mm 800mm
ADV1280CL 730mm 1200mm 800mm
ADV1480CL 730mm 1400mm 800mm
ADV1680CL 730mm 1600mm 800mm
ADV1880CL 730mm 1800mm 800mm
ADV1210WR 730mm 1200mm 1000mm 800mm
ADV1210WL 730mm 1200mm 1000mm 800mm
ADV1410WR 730mm 1400mm 1000mm 800mm
ADV1410WL 730mm 1400mm 1000mm 800mm
ADV1610WR 730mm 1600mm 1000mm 800mm
ADV1610WL 730mm 1600mm 1000mm 800mm