Geo 4 Poly Leg

Certified to EN1729 parts 1&2, Geo Four Leg stacks up to 10 chairs high and is available in a range of finishes.

  • Five Seat Heights (EN1729 sizes 2-6)
  • 4 Standard Frame Finishes
  • 8 Standard Shell Colours
  • Waterfall Seat
  • Stack 10 Chairs High
Geo 460 yellow

GEO Size 6 Yellow

Geo 460 white

GEO Size 6 White

Geo 460 white front

GEO Size 6 White (front)

Geo 460 slate

GEO Size 6 Slate

Geo 460 red

GEO Size 6 Red

Geo 460 mulberry

GEO Size 6 Mulberry

Geo 460 lime

GEO Size 6 Lime

Geo 460 forest

GEO Size 6 Forest

Geo 430 slate front

GEO Size 5 Slate (front)

Geo 380 orange front

GEO Size 4 Orange (front)

Geo 350 lime front

GEO Size 3 Lime (front)

Geo 310 purple front

GEO Size 2 Mulberry (front)

Geo 460 Blue Stack

GEO Stack

Size Code Seat Height Seat Width Seat Depth Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Ages
5 GEO-5 430mm 455mm 785mm 480mm 11-14
6 GEO-6 460mm 455mm 815mm 480mm 14+
Frame colours

Black Frame Plastic Chair


Dark Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Dark Grey

Light Grey Frame Plastic Chair

Light Grey

Smooth Silver Frame Plastic Chair

Chrome Silver